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Can People Find Your Business?

If you have a location that you want consumers to find, search for the address in Google. You may find that the marker for your location is off by a building or two, or as much as a block. You can learn how to move it (it’s simple) here: There are a variety of […]

Deliberate Website Design: The Big Picture

This is the first post in a series. Subsequent posts will be linked from here and will dig into these ideas much more deeply. Much like designing a building, there are effectively 5 major considerations for developing most websites.: User (who) Purpose (why) Content (what) Function (where, when, how much) Form (how) The User and […]

Make Your Computing Life Easier

I spend a great deal of time in front of a computer. Most of us do nowadays. Here are two things that make my time better and might help you: #1 – Get lots of monitor real estate! I use two 21″ monitors, each was less than $200 and both are driven by a single […]

A blog post about…blogging!

I’m primarily a programmer, but I have enough background in business, marketing, communication, and development / sales, that I get a lot of questions from clients and prospective clients about website content and blogging. Since we started discussing online marketing for businesses and non-profits in my Goin’ Fishin’ post, this will just continue on with […]

QR Codes

If you haven’t heard about or seen QR codes, you’re not alone. But don’t expect that to last much longer. The short explanation is that the funny looking computer generated image to the right is called a QR code (quick read) and it is very much like a bar code but it contains a lot […]