Pathways to Aviation ScreenshotJob Candidates: Learn the fundamentals of career searching and get personal feedback on your work? Check.

Job Candidates: Connect with employers in the aerospace industry in your region and nationwide? Check.

Employers and Aviation Professionals: Connect with career-ready candidates preparing and looking for a career in aviation/aerospace? Check.

Employers and Aviation Professionals: Participate in nationwide online, and regional live, education and outreach to candidates that are enthusiastic about a career in aviation/aerospace? Check.

Workforce Development Professionals: Participate in a valuable and exciting new tool to develop your region’s aviation/aerospace workforce? Have an immediate impact through personal contact with candidates, employers, and nationwide and regional aviation professionals? Check and Check.

Check it out and get involved!

The site is both the public side and a highly developed “registered users” portal to personally engineer each candidate’s progress through a Career Ready certification process. Employers and aviation professionals can connect with candidates to assist them and employers can find candidates that have proven themselves to be worth a careful look. Professional development events, both online and live, are easy to RSVP to, even for those that haven’t yet registered.