I love working with clients that have their own graphics team. NCASEF publishes Avanti Magazine so they've got serious talent to work with and it shows on their site.

Say this three times fast:

The National Coalition of Associations
of Seven-Eleven Franchisees

My first reaction was “you really need to do something about that name.” It was quickly made clear to me that not only has the National Coalition been around for 30 years under that name, but that the name very accurately represents the organization. It is, in fact, an “organization of organizations.” It is the entity that coordinates activities and allows a large number of Franchisee Owner Associations (FOAs) to speak with one voice. Franchisee members and vendor affiliate members enjoy a variety of benefits that association and synergy can provide.

It is also filled with a remarkable group of people that are a joy to work with.

Their new site,, is the public side of a very large piece of custom database software. That “back office database” drives the website and helps them manage all of their administrative tasks as well as registrations for their annual convention plus numerous Board and FOA meetings held across the country.