Make Your Computing Life Easier

I spend a great deal of time in front of a computer. Most of us do nowadays. Here are two things that make my time better and might help you:

Dual Monitors#1 – Get lots of monitor real estate!

I use … Read the rest


Your Website Strategy

Read this absolutely brilliant article at The Real Estate Tomato™ about planning and maintaining your website. It’s aimed at real estate professionals but applies to nearly everyone.

Now go 🙂… Read the rest


New Site: Formula 1 Automotive Arts

Do you want to make a computer-geek / programmer nervous? Put him to work designing a website for true artists and craftsmen!

Fortunately these artists and craftsmen were looking for a clean and simple design that would show off their … Read the rest


Ocean Education in the Desert

The Fin FoundationI have the great good fortune to be a volunteer with The Fin Foundation, a local non-profit started by my friend Shaun Pipes. He and a number of volunteers give presentations to local schools, and others all over the … Read the rest


A blog post about…blogging!

Google About BloggingI’m primarily a programmer, but I have enough background in business, marketing, communication, and development / sales, that I get a lot of questions from clients and prospective clients about website content and blogging. Since we started discussing online marketing … Read the rest