sarsefThis is the first in a series of new posts which should be sub-titled “New Shoes for the Cobbler’s Kids.”

Anyway, the better part of the last year has had SARSEF and ScienceFairWare two of the biggest projects taking priority. SARSEF is the Southern AZ Science and Engineering Fair, a regional science fair for K-12 students in all of Southern AZ. It showcases top 1,800 or so projects that are the best examples of student research happening in Baja Arizona, a distillation that started with 40,000-50,000 projects.

SARSEF approached us with a dated website and an administrative database that was seriously in need of updating. The result of a year’s effort, on our part and theirs, is a unified website/database that meets their communication and publishing needs as well as complete management and administration of the fair. Teachers are able to register their students’ projects, volunteers are able to sign up to work various shift throughout the year and during the week of the fair, judges are able to register and provide information needed to place them on a judging team, sponsors are able to describe the awards they are donating, exhibitors can sign up to participate in opportunities throughout the year and during the week of the fair, and schools can schedule outreach presentations to be made for their faculty, students, and parents. This is all seamlessly coupled with full administrative control of all data including a stunning amount of output options including reports, emails, name badges, mailing lables, merged personal letters, and more.

sciencefairwareSARSEF developed here at Jenson Consulting and Raven’s Eye Design is responsible for graphic design. We’ve partnered on other projects and look forward to more in the future.

Then take a close look at ScienceFairWare since the software has been so successful we are marketing it to the over 300 other fairs in the country, plus others abroad, that could potentially benefit greatly from this software solution.