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Very easy to browse hundreds of reviews!


If you like cars, planes, motorcycles, trains, or just about anything that goes fast, and you like to read, this website could quickly become a major occupier of your time.

Now that you have been warned, go check out http://speedreaders.info. Maintained as a free service supported primarily by donations and just a tiny bit of unobtrusive advertising (the public radio model), it provides extremely well-written reviews about books and media to do with transportation.

The contributors are from around the world and a variety of backgrounds but they all share a common passion for their subject matter and a very refined ability to dissect the books and media they review. With over 400 reviews and more being added each week the site is a treasure trove of useful information. Each review conveniently links to Amazon to satisfy the need to get the actual book or video.

The site is very simply designed and presented to make the content shine. It is the text, images, and occasional links that are the stars here so the site’s function and form were created to make that as easy to navigate as possible. The design is intended to stay as far out of the way of the content as possible. The slider in the sidebar shows 50 randomly chosen covers that each click-through to a particular review. The All Reviews page is a full table of links to all reviews currently on the site. Browsing by review author or category is as easy as a pull-down menu in the sidebar, and the search box in the header is the quickest way to find something specific you have in mind.

The fine folks at Speedreaders.Info are a joy to work with – this site was a redesign of an existing site that was accomplished in just under two weeks.