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My work logically divides into 2 types of software, application software used for organizations’ “back office” functions, and publicly accessible websites. Many clients require hybrids where the two are combined or communicate with each other.

Application Software

Unfortunately, much of the application software I’ve built is difficult to showcase here since the sites only have a login screen that is accessible to the public. A face-to-face meeting is needed to demonstrate those.

I have built extensive application software for association management, fund raising, customer relations management, billing and receivables, real estate brokerage document storage and retrieval, mortgage lender document storage and retrieval, music school administration, real estate school administration, and custom password vaults. Another one done recently is a reservation app, primarily for mobile use, for a local Tucson batting cage: Tucson Bat Cave

It doesn’t cost you anything to discuss your needs and see if I might have a solution that works well for you.

Public Sites / Hybrids – WordPress

Public sites are used for marketing, sales, customer and public relations, membership communication, etc. Nearly every site I do now that is publicly accessible is done with WordPress, an infinitely customizable and very powerful CMS (content management system), possibly the most popular and mainstream CMS available. It can be used for static sites that change rarely or for those that contain weblogs / news functions that are updated often. Many of these also have a custom database “back office” application apart from WordPress that feeds pages on the site and is used for other tasks.

There are varying levels of stylizing & design here, some I’ve done, others have been done working with clients and graphic designers. The idea behind a CMS though is that all content is created, edited, and managed by the clients, not me. Here are just a few:

Oh Thank Heaven!

National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees

Science Fair Software

Marrying a large public site with an even larger “application” is the order of the day for a large regional or state-level science fair.

Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Fair

Science Fair Ware

Real Estate Schools

Hogan School of Real Estate / Hondros Group Vocabulary Flashcards

Course Creators

Real Estate Brokers

The Dan Adler Team

Sonoran Sky Realty

Arizona Sunset Realty

Radio Shows

The Fred and Jeff Show

On the Menu…Live!


Millions for Tucson

The Fin Foundation


Business Services of Tucson

Ronstadt Insurance

Speed Readers

Styling Etc.

Youngs Around the World

Virtually everything I do uses HTML/JavaScript/CSS on the front-end, is written in PHP, and uses MySQL as the database on the back-end. Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you, it simply means that all software I build can be deployed over the Web or used in-house, is written in a very fast, stable, and popular language, and uses a fast, stable, and popular database to store information.

I host nearly every bit of application software and nearly every website that I create. I also host sites and software that I haven’t built. My fees are reasonable, the service is personal and excellent, and the reliability is second-to-none.

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