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New Site: Speedreaders.Info

Speedreader.Info screen capture

Very easy to browse hundreds of reviews!


If you like cars, planes, motorcycles, trains, or just about anything that goes fast, and you like to read, this website could quickly become a major occupier of your time.

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New Site: NCASEF


I love working with clients that have their own graphics team. NCASEF publishes Avanti Magazine so they've got serious talent to work with and it shows on their site.

Say this three times fast:

The National Coalition of Associations

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Deliberate Website Design: The Big Picture

Wainwright BuildingThis is the first post in a series. Subsequent posts will be linked from here and will dig into these ideas much more deeply.

Much like designing a building, there are effectively 5 major considerations for developing most websites.:

  1. User
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Recommended Reading: The Non-Designer’s Design Book

As a web mechanic I’m a pretty left-brained, techno-geeky, function over form sorta’ guy. Due to time constraints occasionally, and more frequently budget restraints, often I’m the only one making decisions about how things look. The simple truth is that … Read the rest

Your Website Strategy

Read this absolutely brilliant article at The Real Estate Tomato™ about planning and maintaining your website. It’s aimed at real estate professionals but applies to nearly everyone.

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