Science Fairs Everywhere!

sarsefThis is the first in a series of new posts which should be sub-titled “New Shoes for the Cobbler’s Kids.”

Anyway, the better part of the last year has had SARSEF and ScienceFairWare two of the biggest projects taking priority. … Read the rest


New Site: Speedreaders.Info

Speedreader.Info screen capture

Very easy to browse hundreds of reviews!


If you like cars, planes, motorcycles, trains, or just about anything that goes fast, and you like to read, this website could quickly become a major occupier of your time.

Now that … Read the rest


New Site: NCASEF


I love working with clients that have their own graphics team. NCASEF publishes Avanti Magazine so they've got serious talent to work with and it shows on their site.

Say this three times fast:

The National Coalition of Associations

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Recommended Reading: Do the Work!

Read This Book!

Now. Trust me.

It’s free for Kindle.

Buy if you have to or want to. It is a truly fantastic tool to help you accomplish the next big thing in your life. It is perhaps the best … Read the rest


New Site: On the Menu…Live!

Good friend and fantastic foodie Matt Russell is on the radio every week in Tucson from 5pm to 6pm (and rebroadcast on Saturdays too). Now he’s got a cool looking website to go with his show! Check out On the Read the rest