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New Site: On the Menu…Live!

Good friend and fantastic foodie Matt Russell is on the radio every week in Tucson from 5pm to 6pm (and rebroadcast on Saturdays too). Now he’s got a cool looking website to go with his show! Check out On the Menu…Live!

New Site: The Murray Group

Barbara and Jack Murray, The Murray Group, are Tucson Real Estate Professionals with Long Realty in Tucson Take a look at their new site!

New Site: Formula 1 Automotive Arts

Do you want to make a computer-geek / programmer nervous? Put him to work designing a website for true artists and craftsmen! Fortunately these artists and craftsmen were looking for a clean and simple design that would show off their work, not mine. They’ll be adding to the Gallery, but the folks at Formula 1 […]

Ocean Education in the Desert

I have the great good fortune to be a volunteer with The Fin Foundation, a local non-profit started by my friend Shaun Pipes. He and a number of volunteers give presentations to local schools, and others all over the Southwest, about our oceans. I’m proud to say I certified Shaun as a diver in the […]

New Site: The Heath Team

Tom Heath, master of mortgages, has a new website. It’ll be continually evolving since he and his team have full control over it. Keep an eye on it, or better yet, subscribe via the RSS feed. Check out! Thanks for having me in to help Tom!