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Recommended Reading: Do the Work!

Read This Book!

Now. Trust me.

It’s free for Kindle.

Buy if you have to or want to. It is a truly fantastic tool to help you accomplish the next big thing in your life. It is perhaps the best … Read the rest

Recommended Reading: Don’t Make Me Think

I’m in a meeting with clients this morning helping them understand how to take ownership of their website, showing them the basics of managing content, and coaching them on how to approach the usability and testing of it. I pull … Read the rest

Recommended Reading: The Non-Designer’s Design Book

As a web mechanic I’m a pretty left-brained, techno-geeky, function over form sorta’ guy. Due to time constraints occasionally, and more frequently budget restraints, often I’m the only one making decisions about how things look. The simple truth is that … Read the rest