As a web mechanic I’m a pretty left-brained, techno-geeky, function over form sorta’ guy. Due to time constraints occasionally, and more frequently budget restraints, often I’m the only one making decisions about how things look. The simple truth is that in this day and age, with all the technology that we all have access to, we are all placed in the role of designer on a regular basis. The tools are all around us, and the expectation to use them is very high, but most of us have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to making words and pictures looks good together.

Enter Robin Williams. Even if you never read any other book on design, The Non-Designer’s Design Book should prove valuable enough that you will use it continually. It may not make you great immediately, that would likely require more training and plenty of experience. However it may help you become good enough in a shorter time than you imagine, and it will most certainly help you improve regardless of where you start.